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Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

PP, AL and SS AODD Pumps

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump

PP, AL and SS AODD Pumps

• Self Priming • Easy to maintain • Runs Dry Without Damage • Variable speed • Flameproof

Acknowledged as one of India’s premier AODD pump manufacturer, Mandar pumps offer a number of advantages that make them perfect for an almost endless variety of uses. Since Mandar pumps are air operated, they can be used in hazardous areas or for flammable materials. These pumps are of Bolted type which makes their maintenance very easy.

Mandar Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pumps/ AODD pumps : Principle of Operation

It is a positive displacement pump which uses compressed air to move the diaphragms in a reciprocating manner. This movement is referred to as the Stroke of the diaphragm and can be understood as follows

AODD pump
There is an air valve assembly whose function is to direct the pressurized air to the back side of diaphragm ( in this particular diaphragm referred as A). The diaphragm also separates the liquid media from the compressed air The diaphragm moves away from the centre due to this compressed air. At the same time, the opposite diaphragm is pulled in by the connecting shaft. Diaphragm B is on its suction stroke; The air behind the diaphragm is vented out to the atmosphere through the exhaust port of the pump.

The movement of diaphragm B toward the center creates a vacuum within chamber B. This causes the fluid to be forced into the inlet manifold due to atmospheric pressure, forcing the NRV ball off its seat. Liquid moves past the NRV ball and fills the liquid chamber (see shaded area).
AODD pump
MID STROKE Once the diaphragm A reaches the limit of its discharge stroke, the air valve automatically redirects the pressurised air to the back side of diaphragm B. This forces diaphragm B away from the center while pulling diaphragm A to the center
Now Diaphragm B is on its discharge stroke. It forces the inlet NRV ball onto its seat due to the pressure developed in the liquid chamber and manifold of the pump. This same pressure lift the discharge NRV ball off its seat, while the opposite discharge NRV ball is forced onto its seat, forcing fluid to flow through the pump discharge. The movement of diaphragm A toward the center of the pump creates a vacuum within liquid chamber A. Atmospheric pressure forces fluid into the inlet manifold of the pump. The inlet NRV ball is forced off its seat allowing the fluid being pumped to fill the liquid chamber.
AODD pump
RIGHT STROKE At completion of the stroke, the air valve assembly again redirects air to the back side of diaphragm A, which starts diaphragm B on its exhaust stroke. As the pump reaches its original starting point, each diaphragm has gone through one exhaust and one discharge stroke. This constitutes one complete pumping cycle.

Advantages of using Mandar AODD pumps

1. It Can Run Dry - This is a very useful capability. Many a time the liquid source runs dry eg Liquid gets over in barrel or tank and the pump keeps running. Centrifugal and other types of pump get heated up and may burnout whereas AODD pumps can function without any problem. Even if the discharge is blocked or shut off for some reason, It is just stop running without any damage.
2. AODD pumps are Self-Priming - It can be used where negative suction is needed. Hence AODD pumps are commonly used for drawing liquids from barrels and underground tanks. It is also function as sump pumps
3. It can handle Solids - The ball & Valve seat design enables AODD pump to handle liquids with solid particles in them. It can handle liquids with suspended powders or small particle. It can easily and efficiently handle anything from water to 70% solids

4. Easily Variable Speed - Varying of air supply to the AODD pump will vary the flow rate and changing the inlet pressure will change the discharge pressure of the AODD pump. It offer the ability to vary flow from 0 to full flow and discharge pressure up to 6 Bars with a simple adjustment of the air supply.

5. No mechanical seals - It do not have mechanical seasl thus eliminating all problems caused due to them such as leakage.
6. Ease of Maintenance - are considered as the most easy to repair. They do not require any special tools. Any person can easily replace the parts and repair the AODD pump.
7. Inherently Flameproof - Since the AODD pumps operate on air they can be considered as inherently safe for use in such environments. It is most popular in industries which handle Solvents like Printing and Packaging, Paints, as also where fuels like Petrol, Diesel are used.
8. On demand operation - It Can operate "on demand " without expensive pressure relief and bypass accessories
9. Shear Sensitive Liquids - It can pass even large, shear-sensitive solids without degradation or heat buildup transferred to pumped medium

Mandar AODD Pump (Diaphragm Pump) specification

AODD Specifications
Model AOD 15 AOD 30 AOD 40 AOD 50 AOD 75
Diaphragm PTFE/Rubber PTFE/Rubber PTFE/Rubber PTFE/Rubber PTFE/Rubber
Suction & Discharge 1 / 2 inch 1 inch 1 1 / 2 inch 2 inch 3 inch
Air Inlet 1 / 4 inch 3 / 8 inch 1 / 2 inch 3 / 4 inch 1 inch
Max Flow 36 LPM 110 LPM 165 LPM 350 LPM 780 LPM
Discharge Pressure – kg/cm2 5 6 6 6 6
Head - m 50 60 60 60 60
Suction Lift 1.8 m 3.8 m 5.5 m 5.8 m 5.8 m

Mandar AODD pumps are available in Al, SS & PP

Mandar AODD pump diaphragms are available in wide variety: PTFE, Buna, Viton, EPDM, Santoprene, Neoprene

Available Mandar AODD pump sizes : 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 , 2 & 3 inches

Mandar AODD Pump ( Diaphragm Pump) Applications


It can handle all types of chemicals including acids, bases, solvents and alkalis, resins and adhesives, high-density liquids and viscous products even with the presence of solid parts and particles. Moreover, they can also transfer oil skimming, oil sludge, storm water, seawater, drainage water, latex, corrosion inhibitors, fertiliser, pesticides, insecticides and more.

  • It finds application in pumping of raw materials and derivatives, storm water drainage, unload trucks, sump and tanks drainage, empty the cistern and to be used in waste water treatment, desalination plants, scrubber’s application, distillation plant and filters press
  • It is used for Paint transfer also used in the paint industry considering their ability to move viscous fluids like ink, acrylic, primers and coatings.Moreover air pumps are capable of transferring solvents for washing systems and waste fluids.AODD pumps are commonly used in Gravure, Flexo Printing with the printing machines, by ink solvent and adhesive makers, spray systems and cleaning baths
  •  It is also used for Ceramic slurry transfer
  •  It is used in filter presses
  •  It is used in Chemical, Mining, Construction, Cement, Food, Pharma and Marine (Sea water) industry
  •  It is used for transfer of Acids, Solvents, Chemicals, Bilge, Cement, Clay, Paint, Polymers, Sauce, Slurry, Soap, Animal feed, animal waste, Fuel transfer, Lube transfer, Coatings, Printing Inks, Adhesives, Ink Circulation, Adhesive circulation, Oil, Petrochemicals, Fluid transfer, Diesel oil and Fuels
  •  It is used for Tank cleaning,
  •  It is used as Effluent transfer pump (ETP pump) and Sewage / Sludge transfer pump (STP pump). In the water treatment industry, diaphragm pumps are used in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. Some fluids that are put into the pumps from wastewater treatment plants are high in viscosity and require pumps that can handle those liquids. Air operated double diaphragm pumps also help to pump polymers, acids, caustics and slurries during the water treatment process that are used to treat water.
  •  It is used where negative suction such as underground tanks
  • It is commonly used in the Food & beverage Industry ( F &B). Air operated double diaphragm pump are used in the food and beverage industry for various food processing application. This pumps can be used for transferring food products like pulp, soft drinks, vinegar, vegetable oil, honey, vitamins, concentrates, decaffeination, wine, fruit pulp, fruit juice, aromas and more.Moreover, diaphragm pumps can be used also for pumping chemicals like caustic soda, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, antioxidants and brine and waste products like animal blood, waste water and sludge. They find application in the food processing, CIP (cleaning in place) plants, and waste water treatment and slaughtering
  • It is commonly used In the Pharma field since they can handle chemicals, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, vegetable extracts, flavours, ointments, alcohols, blood plasma, additives, disinfectants, waste solvents, waste fluids and more.The main applications are filtering aids, ultrafiltration, aseptic transfer, tablet coating, distillation plant, reactors for the production and waste water treatment.
  • It is routinely used In the Steel Working Industry for flushing of cores, mould release, rolling mills and galvanizing AODD pumps can transfer the following fluids: amine, metal sludge, dust scrubbing slurry, drainage water, and corrosion inhibitors, grinding and cutting oils
  • It is used in the Cosmetics & Cleaning industry for pumping a number of fluids starting from the raw materials and the end-products up to chemicals and additives. Typical fluids used in the cosmetic and cleaning field are lotions, surfactants, fabric softener, creams, shampoos, emulsions, hair permanents, soaps, foaming agent, disinfectants, detergents, gels and others more.
  • It is used in the Textile and Tanning industry for dosing the chemicals like ammonia, formic acid and solvents but also for pigments, ink and paint. The main applications of this field are colouring, processing fluids, dosing of chemicals, ink maker, waste water treatment and unload truck.
  • It is used in the Galvanic and Electroplating industry for transferring chemical aggressive fluids including the waste products which contains metallic solid particles. The typical applications of this field are: surface treatment, electrostatic plating, galvanic baths, polishing, filtering system and waste fluids.
  • It is used in the Automobile industry for transferring oil emulsion, coolant, hydraulic fluid, sulphuric acid, varnish and primer, additives, glycol, fuelling and waste oil. Main applications are degreasing baths, tank and car washing, oil/water separators
  • It is used in the Pulp and Paper industry for transferring coating additives, inks and chemicals
  • It is used by Battery manufacturers to transfer acids