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Flange type open drum stirrer


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Open drum adapter stirrer

Electrical/ Pneumatic Stirrers Specifications
Model Pneumatic Electric
Applications : Stirring/ Homogenizing of chemicals, liquids, solvents, pastes, creams, ointments, lotions

Closed Drum Stirrers: Mandar closed drum stirrers are very useful to stir liquids in a closed drum. The propellers of the closed drum stirrers are collapsible. The mounting of the closed drum stirrer is made at a particular angle to ensure that mixing happens at the centre of the drum though the opening/ bung hole is at the side.

Pneumatic Stirrers / Air operated Stirrers/ Pneumatic Homogenizers: Pneumatic stirrers are light weight. Pneumatic stirrers are used for mixing flammable or inflammable liquids. These air operated pneumatic stirrers can be provided with a stand or can be flange mounted.

Electrical Stirrer/ Motorized Stirrer/ Motorized Homogenizers: Electrical motorized stirrers can be provided with a normal or flameproof electrical motor. Electrical stirrers are available with stand or flange type. Lab stirrers/ Portable stirrers/ Small stirrers: Lab stirrers are handy for small stirring applications. Lab stirrers/ Portable stirrers/ small stirrers are available in Electrical and pneumatic versions.